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Rarely is nonphysical energy perceived in the same way we perceive in our physical, waking state. Be receptive to subtle nuances of kinesthetic, auditory, or visual experiences. You may sense a "knowing", a telepathic comprehension that can be later translated into words. You will learn to perceive more clearly. Let go of preconceived notions about how things should unfold. Please preconceived notions in your "Box" at the beginning of an exercise or at any time they intrude.

1.1 intro to focus 12

Relax as you are guided from Focus 10 to Focus 12 and calmly observe any differences.
The distinctions become ore pronounced and you come to appreciate Focus 12 as a
powerful and empowering states.

CD1 - 2 - Introduction to Focus 10-356
00:00 / 37:10

1.2 Problem solving

Being to use Focus 12 energy for its many practical applications. Place your question or
problem in the center of your consciousness. Then direct it outwards to your total
awareness, release it, and wait for the response. Sense subtle changes in energy. Open
your perception to the conversations of others, passages in books, synchronicities and the
multitude of wondrous ways in which guidance may reveal itself.

CD1 - 2 - Problem Solving-931
00:00 / 36:59

1.3 Color breathing

Use the resonance of colors to develop your ability in directing physical and nonphysical
energy. Sound, vibration and other sensations are as valid as visualization for the mental
perception of color. The exercise guides you through learning to use the following colors:
green for reducing excess or harmful emotional energy; red for increasing physical
strength, speed and coordination; purple for restoring and normalizing your physical
condition. Each time you end this practice perceive your body as well, whole and perfect.

CD2 - 4 - Color Breathing-167
00:00 / 30:00

1.4 Living body map

LBM supports the perspective and detachment useful in healing. In this exercise for
influencing physical body energy, you learn a new tool while using your EBT. As the
exercise proceeds, you learn to use the LBM to identify where healing energy is needed.
Not meant to replace medical diagnosis and treatment. Always consult your physician.

CD3 - 6 - Living Body Map-162
00:00 / 36:55

1.5 one month                  patterning

Based on the principle that we become what we think, the energy of Focus 12 offer this
process a speed and intensity in the manifesting of thought not generally available in ordinary consciousness. Think, feel or imagine the physical, mental or emotional pattern you desire in your life. Use "I" in you patterning statement and perceive yourself as an active part of the pattern. Pattern only for yourself.

CD2 - 3 - One-Month Patterning-454
00:00 / 38:31

1.6 energy bar tool

Gather and direct nonphysical energies. While moving through the exercise, focus on
finding or creating your own very personal EBT, one that shares your energy and holds
significance for you. Your EBT can be used as a beacon to attract guidance or other
intelligence, a vehicle for space travel, or a comforting symbol of safety and security. As
you recharge your EBT it recharges you.

CD3 - 5 - Energy Bar Tool-32
00:00 / 35:12
Paul Interview
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